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There are producers, and than there are Top Producers!When choosing a realtor, EXPERIENCE MATTERS! One of the single most important decisions a consumermakes in his or her lifetime is the sale or purchase of ahome. Few other financial matters have nearly as much impact. Just as every home and every situation is unique, so is asales representative. With a proven track record of success a solid reputation of service, and a full time heartfelt devotion since 1977, Rick is the professional you wnat on your side. Don't just put the biggest decision of your lifetime in someonewith a real estate license. The Realtor representing you can make the difference in the success or loss of your home ownership dreams. Hire a full time experienced Realtor with aproven system to assure obtaining your dream is handled professionally. Countless unseen details are often the only difference between mediocre and magnificent results! I invite you to view my personal website at: and click on Testimonial Letters. My past clients will tell you about how I conduct my business.